Help Wanted: Guest Bloggers

Posted by Brandon |

On Thursday I'm playing tour guide! On Friday I'm cooking and rehearsing and all of that good stuff! On Saturday I'm getting married! On Sunday I head to Maui for the honeymoon! I won't be back until the 14th!

What do all of those exclamation points mean for you? Well, it means that despite my fears of being upstaged and outwritten on my own blog I have decided to solicit some of my good blogging friends help. If you are interested in writing a couple of items for Down With Pants! starting Thursday then drop me an email at downwithpants@gmail.com and I'll get back to you with all of the juicy info.

P.S....Paris Hilton Crotch Shot (I just wanted to add that to a post. WULAD just wrapped up a Paris Hilton crotch shot pledge drive where people pledged money based on how many times he got a hit from someone searching for Paris Hilton crotch shots. So now I'm curious how many hits I might get by adding that phrase to DWP! I wish I would have seen the pledge drive earlier, I so would have pledged.)