Revenge of the Sith

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I finally have had enough time to digest the Revenge of the Sith and formulate an opinion on the final installment of one of my favorite series of movies. So today I feel like stealing someone else's artwork to illustrate just how I felt about it (thanks and sorry Dave2)...

this scale was totally stolen from Blogography and changed for my needs

Yes, you are reading that correctly. I do think that it ranks between truly great and good on the Blogography scale. It isn't nearly as good as Empire or New Hope, but what is? It's a little bit better than Jedi only because it's so much darker and much more interesting from a philosophical standpoint (there are definite similarities between what happens to the Republic and current events).

It does have extreme acting, dialogue and continuity problems and is extremely awkward at moments, but what do you expect? All the Star Wars movies have had these same problems. If you didn't realize it from the first moment Luke Skywalker opened his mouth then you weren't listening. Seriously, you didn't scratch your head in amazement at how easy the Death Star was to destroy? George Lucas is not a good human director and every single one of the films suffers from his shortcomings, Empire included. He also has a very heavy hand when it comes to laying on the cheese.

These are things I've been saying for years and usually people eventually agree with me. Then another new episode is released and their expectations are so high that they forget the problems that existed from day one. As we all got older we started to analyze these films much more carefully (starting for some with Jedi but for most of my age group with Menace) and look at the older films through rose colored glasses thus making it impossible for the new films to stand up against them.

All I'm saying is that I really enjoyed Sith despite it's problems because I went in realizing that it was going to have problems. I also really enjoyed Attack of the Clones because of this same approach, and Jedi and New Hope and Empire.

But let's be honest, Phantom sucked donkey balls. There are some moments that bring it out of the absolute toilet for me (like the pod racing scene, that was pretty incredible), but Jar Jar Binks is enough to get it into the utter crap category for me.