Hasta La Vista Baby!

Posted by Brandon |

I was thinking about it earlier today, and one of the things about moving to California that I'm looking forward to the most is voting in the next governors election. I'm planning on doing anything that I can to get the "People's Governor" Arnold Swartzenegger voted out of office. I don't even care who will be running against him. It could be Warren Beatty, maybe Rob Reiner or most likely Democratic state controller Steve Westly. I don't really give a shit just as long as they beat the Governator soundly. Every time I see that corporate puppet on TV spewing his idiocy all over the airwaves it makes me want to wretch.

I don't yet live in California so I'm not totally privy to everything that's happening down there. But from what I can tell, Arnold has launched an offensive aimed squarely at workers by cutting pensions, weakening labor unions and giving a ton more rights to corporations. He has also proposed completely closing the Mexican border, a massive redistricting along political lines and he has made 35 trips spending 113 days out of state in his first 18 months. His approval rating has slipped dramatically in the last few months and his star power seems to be fading or even starting to work against him.

Which is awesome! I cannot wait for the day when I can head to the polls and cast my vote against this joke of a governor. And I cannot wait to wake up the next morning, grab a newspaper and see in humongous bold letters above the fold "HASTA LA VISTA BABY!" I promise that the Down With Pants! crew will do everything in their power to make this happen even if I have to doctor a newspaper so it reads HASTA LA VISTA BABY!