Aloha and Mahalo!

Posted by Brandon |

Freshly married and wickedly sunburned (I'm peeling something fierce right now), I'm finally back to blogging after a week and a half layoff. Big thanks go out to Dave2 and Ted for keeping the dream alive while I was basking in the hot Maui sun. The posts were excellent, maybe a little too excellent. Will anybody be glad I'm back?

Anyway, enough of my self confidence issues. The wedding was absolutely incredible. I blubbered like a little girl a couple of times. At least Death? did too or else I would have felt a little weird. She looked gorgeous (as always) in her wedding gown and it was difficult not to get emotional just looking at her. We danced a ton and partied into the night. It was everything that I ever wanted in a wedding.

And I have to highly recommend Maui. It is even more beautiful than I had expected. The food is incredible, the weather awesome and there is just a ton to do even if you don't want to do anything. So go there. It is awesome!

More on the wedding and Maui very soon...