Gilmore Girls Geeking

Posted by Brandon |

I can't believe what I have just done. On my other tab in Firefox right now is the message board at GilmoreGirls.org. I have been reading all the reactions to last night's season finale where Rory left Yale (oh how I loathe that Logan!) and Lorelai proposed to Luke (what a shocker!). Have I really sunk this low? Has married life already taken a toll on my manhood?

Seriously though, Gilmore Girls is awesome! I have totally been sucked in to it's vacuum. I looked forward to this episode all day long and planned my evening around it. I can't really remember a TV show that I've ever done that with. Maybe the Simpsons, especially when I was in college. We had two straight hours of the Simpsons every day when I lived in Bowling Green, Ohio. First it came on the Canadian channel, then it was on for an hour on the Toledo station and then it was on for another half hour on a Cleveland station. It was heaven. I skipped classes sometimes just to veg out and watch those two hours.

But I digress. Gilmore Girls is just so smart and funny and dramatic that I can't stop watching no matter how emasculated I start to feel (drinking Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper during the show doesn't help). So here we go...let's start geeking!

Can you believe Rory!!! I sure can't! I mean seriously, she's just totally wrapped around this spoiled brat Logan's little finger. It's driving me crazy! I hate that guy. I hate all of her boyfriends. Dean, Jess, Logan...they're all fuckwads and they are all played by terrible, terrible actors. But Lorelai is pissing me off too with the thinking about selling the inn and being so stupid about Rory and Luke. The only thing she's done right lately is ask Luke to marry her and even that may turn out to be wrong. Ugh. The only ones I'm happy with as this season ended were Lane and her band (which includes Sebastian Bach) and even that may end tragically.

Anyway, sorry for the Gilmore Girls geeking. It was such a good and interesting episode that I had to get it off my chest. Maybe I'll just start posting on the message boards instead of subjecting my loyal readers to such drivel. My screen name will be bIGpuSSdWP1.