I wrote this post thee years ago. My oh my, how things have changed...

With Death? on call at the hospital from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, the options for my Saturday were limitless. Living 60 miles from Los Angeles gives one a mind boggling amount of happenings to attend. Given all of these options, one is overwhelmed when trying to make a decision.

So I sat at the computer this morning considering my options. Should I go to the Oklahoma – UCLA game in Pasadena? How about the USC – Arkansas game in the ghetto? Or should I be really ambitious and make the attempt at a college football doubleheader and go to both? What about the Angels or even the Padres down in San Diego? That really isn’t that far to go. Holy crap there is a Kings – Ducks game at the Staples Center. Or what about the Ventura College – College of the Canyons football game five minutes from my house?

Or maybe I should take in some arts. I could go to the Getty Center or to the King Tut exhibit. There is probably a concert I would like to see somewhere. Or maybe I should just go for a hike, do some geocaching, go to the beach, get a haircut, buy some cleats, play some poker, go to the titty bar, do some laundry, eat some lunch, take a shower, shave.

Given all of these options I just couldn’t make a solid decision. So you know what I did? Nothing. That’s right nothing. Well, eventually I did take a shower, shave, go to dinner and a movie but that all happened after five o’clock. As far as my day went I just sat on the couch, watched the many football games, watched some My Sweet Sixteen, ate some ice cream and kept lazy-ing myself out of doing anything interesting.

And it was great. Last Saturday I spent nearly twelve hours at Disneyland. This weekend, I didn’t even change out of my shorts until 6:00 PM. To call it relaxing would be an understatement. I’m not even completely sure how I ended up getting dressed and going out, but somehow I guilted myself into cleaning up and going to see Grizzly Man. But after that I came home, put on my shorts again and I’ve been playing poker and watching TV ever since.

Oh the joys of doing absolutely nothing with your day. I will probably pay dearly for it on Sunday.


catherine said...

Awesome. See, this is what's good about being an adult. You wanna day like that? Bada boom, bada bing: day like that.

Brandon said...

Catherine - the problem is, I can't have days like that anymore. I have a kid. Not that I'm complaining really, I love spending my day with her, just pointing out how different things are now.