DWP! Fantasy Football 2008 - Week 1

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I am Warped's fantasy football bitch

Week one of the third season of the Down With Pants! Fantasy Football League is in the books and all hell has already broke loose. The three new teams to the league, Stop The Clocks, Hut Hut Oz and the Pumpkin Dischargers all racked up relatively easy wins, Snackiesonics lost her first round draft pick - Tom Brady - for the rest of the season and Honea Express - a cellar dweller last season - led the league with 101 points.

Here are all the juicy results from Week 1. Leading scorers follow each team...

Warped (1-0) - 99 - Brian Westbrook -21 points
Down With Pants! (0-1) - 65 - Owens/Lynch - 14 points

Defending champ Warped kept on rolling with a very easy victory over the overmatched Down With Pants! Brian Westbrook led the way with 21 points and Jerricho Cotchery got the Brett Favre bump with 14 points. DWP! screwed the pooch and didn't play Michael Turner and his 22 points, not that it would've made much of a difference.

Honea Express (1-0) - 101 - Willie Parker - 31 points
Culture Kills Lions (0-1) - 79 - Peyton Manning - 16 points

Apparently, the rumors of Willie Parker's demise were vastly overexaggerated. 31 points? Nice. Honea Express piled it on with five other players scoring in double digits. Season one champion Culture Kills Lions didn't get much from Steven Jackson and there in lies the problem.

Hut Hut Oz (1-0) - 83 - Reggie Bush - 22 points
RW's Cranky Bastards (0-1) - 54- Marion Barber - 22 points

Despite all the complaining about the auto-draft, Hut Hut Oz came out and got a big rookie win. Reggie Bush's about-time 22 point performance along with the other Reggie's (Wayne) 14 points led the way. the Cranky Bastards had big struggles out of all his stars. Marion Barber's 22 points saved him from being week one's low scorer.

Kapgar's Crusaders (1-0) - 92 - Matt Forte - 19 points
Snackiesonics (0-1) - 37 -Selvin Young - 9 points

The homer in Kapgar paid off this week. Bears rookie running back Matt Forte kicked off his career in style scoring 19 points topping even first round draft pick Adrian Peterson's 17 points. Not that it mattered much, poor Snackiesonics lost Tom Brady for the season and didn't get any production out of anybody else.

Stop The Clocks (1-0) - 78 - Frank Gore - 20 points
CineRobots (0-1) - 63 - Roethlisberger/T. Jones - 16 points

Another rookie to the DWP! league makes good. Stop The Clocks got 20 points from Frank Gore and 19 from Hines Ward to pick up his first league win. Sadly for CineRobots, Roethlisberger had a good game, but all his touchdowns were to Hines Ward and not Santonio Holmes. That's the breaks in fantasy football sometimes.

Pumpkin Discargers (1-0) - 82 - Drew Brees - 29 points
sinkintothepacific (0-1) - 77 - Donovan Brees - 32 points

The best game of the week featured an epic quarterback matchup. The Pumpkin Dischargers got 29 points from Drew Brees but sinkintothepacific got 32 points out of Donovan McNabb. Unfortunately for sinkintothepacific, -6 points from Todd Heap and the Oakland defense ultimately cost him the victory.

Week two features two games between one win teams and two games between winless teams. Next week's standings should be mighty jumbled...

Honea Express (1) vs. Stop The Clocks (6)
Warped (2) vs. Pumpkin Discargers (5)
Kapgar's Crusaders (3) vs. Culture Kills Lions (7)
Hut Hut Oz (4) vs. CineRobots (10)
sinkintothepacific (8) vs. Snackiesonics (12)
Down With Pants! (9) vs. RW's Cranky Bastards (11)

Good luck to all! Look for this update every Tuesday night all season long.


Whit said...

Willie stepped up, that's for sure. God lord willing, maybe we'll win another game.

kapgar said...

Yes, the homer paid off, but come week eight, I'm screwed.

Anonymous said...

There's something familiar about being on the bottom...it's like coming home again. ;)

gary said...

I totally lucked out, Brandon.