DWP! Fantasy Football 2008 - Week 2

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I am RW's fantasy football bitch.

The newbies all picked up wins and Kapgar continued to dominate. Such is life in the DWP! Fantasy Football League. Here are the results from Week 2. Leading scorers follow each team...

Pumpkin Discargers (2-0) - 91 - Ryan Longwell - 19 points
Warped (1-1) - 72 - Brian Westbrook -22 points

A frigging kicker was the difference in this contest, you gotta hate that, don't you Gary? Pumpkin Discharger's Ryan Longwell went for 19 points and running back Earnest Graham chipped in 18 to keep the Dischargers undefeated in the DWP! League. Warped got 22 points from Brian Westbrook. I always pass on Westbrook in every league and then he goes out and does his thing. When will I learn?

Stop The Clocks (2-0) - 96 - Julius Jones - 19 points
Honea Express (1-1) - 85 - Eli Manning - 28 points

Sometimes balance is the key in fantasy football. Stop The Clocks used six players in double digits including Julius Jones' surprising 19 and Nick Folk's 14 points to rack up nearly 100 points. He also runs DWP! League record to 2-0. Whit, on the other had had 28 from Eli Manning and 24 from Calvin Johnson but not much else.

Hut Hut Oz (2-0) - 121 - Jay Cutler - 38 points
CineRobots (0-2) - 81 - Tony Scheffler - 18 points

Yet another newbie goes off. 38 points from Jay Cutler? Seriously? Cutler? Hut Hut Oz may have stumbled upon a genuine stud in this guy. Clinton Portis added 21 points to give them a score that usually would've been the league high. CineRobots got 18 points from his tight end and 14 from his kicker and still lost by 40 points. At least he got to see his Sooners kick my Huskies ass.

Kapgar's Crusaders (2-0) - 141 - Tony Romo - 26 points
Culture Kills Lions (0-2) - 91 - Anquan Boldin - 32 points

Wow, eight of Karpgar's nine players went for double digit points including 26 points from Jessica Simpson's boyfriend and 24 from the other Moss en route to a fifty point blowout of Culture Kills Lions and the week's high score. The Lions didn't have a bad game either and would've won on most days. But 32 points from Anquan Boldin kind of went to waste this week.

RW's Cranky Bastards (1-1) - 131 - Kurt Warner - 32 points
Down With Pants! (0-2) - 85 - Terrell Owens - 20 points

Four Cranky Bastards easily beat up on all nine of my guys. It was ugly. Stupid Kurt Warner scored 32 points and I'm in hell. Marion Barber goes for 23 and Chris Chambers and Darren McFadden each got 20. My guys somehow managed 85 points, I doubt that I'll top that the rest of the season.

sinkintothepacific (1-1) - 95 - Aaron Rodgers - 31 points
Snackiesonics (0-2) - 41 -Brandon Marshall - 22 points

sinkintothepacific gets 31 points from some quarterback from Green Bay not named Brett Favre and 17 from Tennessee's defense and that's all he needed. Snackiesonics got 22 from Brandon Marshall, but didn't notice that the Baltimore/Houston game was postponed so she got nothing out of Derrick Mason and got negative points from both Greg Olsen and San Diego to drop to 0-2.

Week three's showcase game is between undefeated titans Stop The Clocks and Kapgar's Crusaders. The lowlight game, CineRobots and Down With Pants! Somethings got to give...

Kapgar's Crusaders (1) vs. Stop The Clocks (3)
Hut Hut Oz (2) vs. Honea Express (5)
Pumpkin Dischargers (4) vs. Snackiesonics (12)
RW's Cranky Bastards (6) vs. Warped (8)
sinkintothepacific (7) vs. Culture Kills Lions (9)
Down With Pants! (10) vs. CineRobots (11)

Good luck to all! Look for this update every Tuesday night all season long.


DutchBitch said...

Wow, looking good! Even you being RW's bitch.. heh...

I will be back in there next year!!!

kapgar said...

Longwell got 19 points??? That doesn't say much for the scoring potential of the rest of his team.