DWP! Learns How To Draw Again - #3

Posted by Brandon |

The Republican National Convention had me a little down yesterday and tonight. After watching Palin and McCain's speeches, I really felt I needed a pick-me-up. Something warm and fuzzy and interactive. Why not draw something happy and fun to take my mind off of the idiocy that has been polluting my Twitter and my TV?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that I wanted to draw that was very happy. Mark Kistler only has 15 videos on YouTube...he better get to producing some more already. But, I did find a fanged fish that turned out to be very satisfying...

And here's mine...

Not to knock old Kistler, but I think mine is actually better than his. Oh yeah! The student becomes the teacher.

But seriously, this fish could swallow McCain and Palin whole, don't you think? Oh how I wish a massive fanged fish would've rose up from the Mississippi and swallowed the entire XCel Energy Center. Now that, my friends, would be change we can believe in.


Poppy said...

Awesome drawing!!! Love it!