The Triumphant Return of Down With Pants!

Posted by Brandon |

I suppose that now that I have internet at my home and we are all nice and moved into our new Edmonds house, I should probably post something here on Down With Pants! Yeah, that would be nice wouldn't it?

Ok...here you go...


That is all.

**Perhaps I'll get around to a real post tomorrow**


Avitable said...

I'm guessing that poop is probably a big part of your life right now, so that makes sense.

dan said...

profound man, profound

Mrs. Hall said...

I just found your site, looks very interesting!

We am about to make a big move myself. With our little kids (two of them). And one husband. I am the medical one, like your wife. Weird coincidence in the blogosphere.

It is interesting hearing another husband side of all this.

Maybe you can give pointers about moving?

Mrs. Hall

martymankins said...

Congrats on arriving at your new home.