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"So Down With Pants!, how is that cereal addiction of yours working out?" - Brandon S., Edmonds, Washington

Hey, thanks for asking Brandon, I appreciate your concern. I'm happy to report that my cereal intake has been much better since I first came clean about my shameful addiction a couple months ago. Things aren't perfect, I have good days and I have bad days, but since then I rarely take a second bowl in the morning and my late night bowl has almost completely vanished. I'm not totally sure if it's because of better willpower or because I've been buying less tasty brands of cereal, but either way, I'm no longer a junkie always on the lookout for his cereal fix.

"Hey man, love the site...which candidate will get the coveted Down With Pants! endorsement?" - Nodnarb S., Edmonds, Washington

Great question Nodnarb, and what a winner of a name you got there. To be honest with you, I'm not sure if Down With Pants! will be endorsing either of these candidates because neither really do anything to advance the Down With Pants! agenda. Do you really think that either of these guys would ever drop trough and just let their little senators blow in the breeze? No. But since you asked and I feel like I should take some kind of stance, I'll pick Obama, because at least he wouldn't have vein-y old man legs.

"Hey DWP! You can be on our soccer team, but just how much do you suck?" Craigslist Soccer Coach, Lynnwood, Washington

Hey Craigslist Soccer Coach, thanks for the question. Let's just put it this way, I'll bring a lot of heart and effort to the game and maybe the beers.

"Tomorrow is date night. Where are you going to eat and what are you doing?" - Concerned spouse, Edmonds, Washington

CS - Do I know you? You sound very familiar to me. Yes, tomorrow is date night in the DWP! house. We've got a babysitter and everything. So we're planning on seeing Dark Knight (reminder to Brandon - buy tickets tomorrow) and having dinner beforehand. The options are Korean food and stay in the north end or Italian at Machiavelli on Capitol Hill and the Pacific Place downtown. What do you think would work out best for Death? and I, concerned spouse?

Got any other questions for DWP!? Please feel free to email me at downwithpants@gmail.com and I'll answer any and all of them.


Replicant said...

Machiavelli--one of my favorites! I'll be eating there at least once in September as the Italian choices in Tulsa are terrible.

martymankins said...

Hey Mr. DWP. Here's a question: How many different personalities should one person have and if so, how long should they interact with each other before being outed?

Becky said...

I love Machiavelli, but I usually can't stand the wait. Have you eaten at La Spiga in Capitol Hill -- it's a great back up (and they take reservations).