The Kiss Of Death Claims Another Victim

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Death? just reminded me of something and it blew my mind...

Two years ago I wrote about how I am the kiss of death for minor league baseball teams. Of the five teams that I worked for, only one of them still remains in business (well, technically two others still exist, just not with the same owners or in the same league).

The week that we moved, the Brandon kiss of death jumped from baseball into other realms and claimed yet another victim - The Seattle Supersonics. I worked part-time for the Seattle Sonics and Storm for two years before moving to California, it was some good times I tell you what. But how was I to know that just a couple years later, my curse would help usher them out the door and on their way to Oklahoma City? This was an NBA team with a lot of history here in town. No way in hell could my bad juju rub off on them. Or so I thought.

Now, I live with the misery of another failed franchise that I have worked for and the knowledge that the kiss of death knows no bounds. It's not just baseball anymore.

Here is a list of businesses that should be very, very wary. Watch your books and your backs...

Olympia Area YMCA
The Pizza Place - Shit, they already went out of business, the curse is STRONG
Campus Pollyeyes
Myles Pizza
A Pimp Named Slickback
Brewery City Pizza
Ebbets Field Flannels
Pioneer Organics
Archie McPhee
Seattle Storm
Mr. Lebowski
Everett Aquasox
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Lime Green
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Perhaps this is the wrong post to write during a bout of unemployment while actively searching for a job. Let's see, can anyone get to my blog using my last name...


Miss Britt said...

I used to have this curse when I was in advertising sales.

If you did not buy the schedule I proposed, you were out of business within 6 months.

It. was. AWESOME!

ajooja said...

My classmates and I had a curse like that for teachers. In 13 years, we had more than 100 teachers leave for other schools, retire, or die after they had our class.

MC said...

I killed many a small business myself by working there (they flopped after I was gone)