I'm In Trouble

Posted by Brandon |

I just tiptoed into Addie's bedroom to close her window for the night and I caught a glimpse of her, arms spread wide, sucking on a binky, slightly snoring, sleeping as sound as she can be. I'm sure some of my Flickr friends may be getting a little tired of the hundreds of pictures that I take of her, but I can't help it, she gets cuter and cuter every single day. For example...

I really don't know how I'm going to contain myself when she really starts talking and running and jumping and all of that good stuff. I'm totally smitten with her and she's barely five months old. Although based on her current energy level, I'm going to be mighty tuckered out when she starts moving around on her own. Yikes!

And how am I supposed to go to work when I get to spend all day with that? I like this stay at home daddy stuff more and more every day.


Hilly said...

Brandon, she is a total doll. How could you NOT want to photograph and video tape her all of the time?

And also, your post made me say "awwwwww" at just how smitten you are with your daughter...that's how it should be :).

Mrs. Hall said...

Yeah! Baby photos! She is so cute. I can't help the baby photos either. I send out updates (sometimes weekly)!


Mrs. Hall

matt haines said...

I like that second one a lot. The sunlight is hitting the back of her head, but it's also reflecting off the book she's reading, which ends up lighting her face very softly. I hope you planned it! :)

Jesse P Luna said...

What a cutie! I'm glad you find great joy in being with her.

Whit said...

Very cute!

Staying at home is the way to go! Ask The Dude.