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I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski

I'm kind of a sorry Big Lebowski fan. I only found The Dude and Walter action figures a couple weeks ago and I only just got the book by the guys at Lebowski Fest - I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski - this week even though it's been out for quite some time. Oh well, better late than never.

I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski is the ultimate fan's guide to The Big Lebowski. It's chock full of trivia, interviews of virtually every cast member, interviews with celebrity fans like Tony Hawk and Patton Oswalt and, well, pretty much everything Lebowski related. It's written by fan boys for fans and it illustrates very clearly the phenomenon that is all of us Achievers.

Tonight, I'm going to take the interviews with the celebrity fans and twist it a little bit and turn it into my own Achiever meme, so here we go...

1. How many times have you seen The Big Lebowski? - I think it's probably more than 25 times, it might even be creeping up closer to 35 or 40 even.

2. When did you become hooked? - Not the first time I saw it, in fact, I saw it when I was 18 or 19 and I didn't get it at all. I think you have to be a little older and wiser before it really comes into it's own. I knew that I was genuinely an Achiever when I found out there were others like me while I was working at Archie McPhee. I loved the movie before that, but it was never an obsession until then.

3. Who's your favorite character? - The Dude but Walter is right there with him.

4. If you were a Lebowski character, which one would you be? - Probably The Dude. I'm an easy going guy, a pacifist, I like to bowl, I'm unemployed.

5. Favorite scene? - Too many to choose from but if I had to choose, I'd go with the entire The Jesus sequence. That whole scene from "I am the Walrus" to "eight year olds, dude" is too much.

6. Favorite line? - "This Agression Will Not Stand, Man"

7. What other movies do you consider yourself a fan of? - My favorite movie other than The Big Lebowski is Amelie, totally different. I've also thought about starting a Lebowski Fest-esque thing for Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, though I fear it would be far too many stoners. And the sequel hurt the franchise.

8. What is the most Dude thing you've ever done? - Late, late night shopping at Meijer in Bowling Green in my PJ type things.

9. If you had to sum up the movie in one sentence, would would it be? - Nihilism is the belief in cutting off Johnsons.

10. What's your highest bowling score? - 220. I was tanked.


Anonymous said...

B...having known you for a long time....You are The Dude, not Walter

Brandon said...

Hey anonymous...can't you read? I said I was The Dude. You know, unemployed and all?

Chalupa said...

No need to be ashamed about your Lebowskiness. You're a fellow Achiever and proud we are of all of us. Have you checked out any of the other Lebowski-related books?

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