Movin', Groovin', Road Trippin'

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We are less than two weeks away from the big move from Ventura back to the great Northwest and our downtown Edmonds home.

It's going to be a CRAZY couple of weeks. Next week is unbelievable. On Wednesday my brother flies in to drive my car back to Olympia. On Thursday the movers come to pack up the house. Friday the movers return to pack up the truck and my mom-in-law and friends get into town. Saturday my wife graduates from her residency so there will be much rejoicing. Sunday there is another party of some kind. And on Monday, we split town. All the while, Death? works constantly including a couple overnight shifts, I'm still Mr. Mom, and shits gots to get done. Whew. I'm tired just typing it. Guest 11, where are you, I need your help.

But then we are taking a few days to get home and will try to enjoy ourselves. We're heading for Visalia on day one for a baseball game and to be closer to Yosemite where we'll spend the next two nights. I'm psyched for Yosemite, I've never been there and it's the one place in California that we really wanted to see before we left. We'll be staying in the Curry Village tent cabins right in the park so we should have a blast.

Then we'll stop in Redding for a night before hitting Salem, Oregon on the Fourth of July. Luckily, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes are playing and have fireworks so we'll get to celebrate our independence a little bit.

And finally, on July 5th, we'll be home in Seattle.

This is the first road trip that we've taken in quite some time and the first we've ever taken with a baby. That's why we're only going 300-350 miles a day despite our eagerness to get home. We have no idea how Addie will respond to that long in a car so we want to take it as easy on her as we possibly can.

Anyway, what this means for you, my loyal 5 1/2 readers is that the rest of the next two weeks will be devoted to what I'm going to miss most and what I'm going to miss least about Ventura as well as a warning that posting might be kind of sporadic. Again, shits gots to get done and I doubt Yosemite has free wifi.


Miss Britt said...


Pack snacks.

Stop often to pee.


Your mom said...

I know there are a few people in Olympia who can't wait until you get home. Both great grandmas and a couple of grandmas are getting very excited to have you home or closer to home at least. There should be at least one more stop though before Edmonds - one in Olympia so the great grandmas can see our sweet little girl before you head home to Edmonds.

I know I just saw her a few days ago but we already miss her. And the both of you too.

Just be careful - do not follow too close behind anyone in the event you have to stop quick. Get here safely.

I,too, will miss Ventura though - it was kind of nice to have someplace sunny and warm to visit. This place is way too cloudy and cold for me.

martymankins said...

Good luck with the move and the road trip. Breaking up the trip into smaller segments is smart with the baby.

And for the lack of updates, you'll have Twitter.

Sizzle said...

Washington is crying excited tears. Oh wait, that's just the rain. Darn it. Bring the sunshine with you!

Brandon said...

Britt - Thanks, snacks are essential, peeing shouldn't be a problem.

Mom - Yes, we are planning on stopping in Olympia. I, at least, have to pick up my car.

Marty - I'm sure Twitter will be blowing up with some roadside attractions.

Sizzle - Don't tell my mom this, but I'm actually looking forward to the rain a little bit. Maybe not for summer but later I won't mind it.

TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocre said...

You comin through the Portland area? I'll treat ya to lunch!