Neener Neener Neener

Posted by Brandon |

While most of y'all are dealing with rain and snow and floods and whatnot, I am still enjoying sunshine and fresh fruit and veggies at our farmer's market. Enjoy...suckers.

I've probably just jinxed myself and we'll be struck by an earthquake or a tsunami or more fires. Thanks Brandon!


Avitable said...

You think fresh fruit and veggies are an incentive? Bah!

I'm enjoying sunshine with no veggies!

Anonymous said...

Great Brandon...you've jinxed us all ;).

DutchBitch said...

You fucking better believe it you just jinxed yourself. You do remember what happened to me when I started rubbing everyone's noses in the DWP FF league stats, don't cha?

Peeved Michelle said...

Speaking of fresh food, or not, Tony's NY Pizza is open now. Free delivery. 445-4400.