DWP! Fantasy Football 2007 - Playoffs

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Crash and burn.

That's what the favorites, Snackiesonics and CK Lions did this week, crash and burn.

#4 seed Warped didn't rock the world with his 77 points, but just like in the regular season, he did enough to win. It helped that Tom Brady, Terrell Owens, Braylon Edwards and Marion Barber all had one of their worst games for Snackiesonics. Only one of her players broke double digits (Tomlinson - 23) while four Warped players scored ten or more points with Donovan McNabb leading the way with 19.

And #3 seed johnnyhongkong did basically the same thing. His 76 points were enough to hold off CK Lions even with Tony Romo and his pathetic game. Mason Crosby, the Green Bay kicker, scored a game high 19 points for Warped and essentially was the difference maker. Until this week, he averaged 9.7 points per game. If he just scored his average, jhk either ties or wins by one (depending on your rounding). Kickers sometimes are neglected members of fantasy teams, but here's an example of how they can help.

In other games, DutchBitch Drama broke her losing streak thanks to a kicker (Bironas - 15) and a defense (Chargers - 19) and picked up an 83-77 win over Roast Ducks. CineRobots thawed out and walloped my DWP! squad 110-64. I hate my team.

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

#4 Warped - 77 - Donovan McNabb - 19 points
#1 Snackiesonics - 52 - LaDainian Tomlinson - 23 points

#3 johnnyhongkong - 76 - Mason Crosby - 19 points
#2 CK Lions (10-3-1) - 65 - Carson Palmer - 16 points

#5 DutchBitch Drama - 83 - Chargers Defense - 19 points
#8 Roast Ducks (5-9) - 77 - Jamal Lewis - 17 points

#6 CineRobots - 110 - Ben Roethlisberger - 24 points
#7 DOWN WITH PANTS! - 64 - Earnest Graham - 17 points

Let the hype begin....It's Super Bowl Week!
(3) johnnyhongkong vs.
(4) Warped

Here's a position by position breakdown of the Super Bowl...

QB: McNabb (Warped) vs. Romo (johnnyhongkong)
Romo had a bad, bad game, it's true. But as long as Jessica is far, far away from Carolina this week, Tony should outscore McNabb despite Donovan's resurgence. Advantage: johnnyhongkong

WR: Marshall, Berrian, Galloway (W) vs. Jennings, Branch and Fitzgerald (jhk)
Marshall has been solid lately, with Kyle Orton at QB Berrian doesn't have much worth and Galloway should improve on his seven yards last week, but Jennings, Branch and Fitzgerald all are touchdown machines. Two things to watch: Fitzgerald's groin injury and Marshall plays on Monday and might need to rack up some clutch points. Advantage: johnnyhongkong

RB: James, Gore (W) vs. Grant, Parker (jhk)
James and Gore have racked up some yards, but only have 11 touchdowns between them. Grant has scored five touchdowns in his last four games for a total of six on the season while Parker surprisingly has only two touchdowns this season. Advantage: Even

TE: Witten (W) vs. Scheffler (jhk)
Witten, right now, is the best tight end in the NFL. Advantage: Warped

K: Gostkowski (W) vs. Crosby (jhk)
Crosby has better numbers but plays in Chicago this week with possible harsh weather conditions but against a good defense, he might get some chances. Gostkowski plays in Miami and the weather will be good, but New England might score at will and his only points will come from extra points. Hard to figure this one. Advantage: Even

Defense: Jacksonville (Warped) vs. Green Bay (jhk)
The Jags play pitiful Oakland while Green Bay plays pitiful Chicago. Advantage: Even

On the surface, this looks like it should be johnnyhongkong's game, but Warped has some players that could make it very interesting. He's going to need McNabb to build on his recent success, Gore to quite being so inconsistent and Witten to dominate like he has the last few weeks. Of course, if Witten does dominate, it means points for Romo. Fantasy is weird like that. Anyway, it might all come down to Monday night when Brandon Marshall goes for Warped and Tony Scheffler goes for johnnyhongkong.

My prediction - final score: johnnyhongkong 98, Warped 89

3rd place game:
(1) Snackiesonics vs.
(2) CK Lions

I really don't see how Snackiesonics can be held down two straight weeks. This week was just tremendously bad timing on the part of her stars. Brady and Edwards won't have to play in such awful weather and Owens will nag his way to some more points. My prediction - final score: snackiesonics 105, CK Lions 86

Fifth place game:
(5) DutchBitch Drama vs.
(6) CineRobots

Prediction: Roethlisberger goes nuts at St. Louis, Peterson shreds the Redskins and Chad Johnson acts the fool at Cleveland. Final score: CineRobots 99, DBD 72

Seventh place game:
(7) Roast Ducks

Prediction: I shouldn't even be here. Manning is still the man. Final Score: Roast Ducks 78, DWP! 48


Hilly said...

Man, I have to tell you that I was so dissapointed Sunday morning. I was watching my games and just KNEW that my FF team score would suck, but I just about DIED that Brady only scored me 3 points. Still...it was just a bad day and probably a deserved win for Warped who got screwed halfway through the season.

I figure this...last year, I was dead ass last and sucked all season. If I come out of this in 2rd or 4th, I am happy :).

MC said...

I lost in the worst way... knowing that bench players that I always use could have won me the day.

Congratulations Johnny, you carried the day and how.

jhk said...

What a turnaround - from 8th last year to the Super Bowl. I am going to refrain from the smack talk as we've learned the jinx provoking qualities it has. It was a good game MC. I was away from the computer all day on Sunday and was convinced that we had lost. Man, the swings in Fantasy Football...

DutchBitch said...

Go Hilly!!!

Replicant said...

Ha. Even with the mother of all ice storms hitting Tulsa, knocking my power/heat out for 8 days, me sleeping IN a tent IN my living room when temps dipped into the mid 30s IN my house, not setting my lineup--I still gave you a beatdown. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and how the Thursday night game changes the picks....as Parker goes down with negative yards.