DWP! Fantasy Football 2007 - Week 14

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The regular season is over. Long live the regular season!

It came down to the wire to see who would make the championship round of the playoffs. It came down to four teams: johnnyhongkong, Warped, DutchBitch Drama and CineRobots.

Snackiesonics quickly finished off the long shot CineRobots 141-51 to leave three playoff contenders. Roast Ducks and Peyton Manning did their best to knock off Warped but came up a little bit short and Warped clinched a playoff spot with their 126-104 victory.

So the last playoff spot came down to two one game, johnnyhongkong vs. DutchBitch Drama. Winner's in, loser's out (maybe). It didn't even turn out to be a contest as Dutchy continued her jinxed ways by losing her third straight game. Paced by Tony Romo's 25 points, johnnyhongkong clinched the third playoff spot with a 122-89 drubbing.

Even more clutch than johnnyhongkong's victory was the performance of the Down With Pants! crew. Needing a win to move into the consolation bracket, Matt Hasselbeck finally came through with 34 points leading DWP! to a 110-77 smackdown of Kapgar's Kapitans - on his birthday week no less. Other than that, the other three consolation teams - DutchBitch Drama, CineRobots and Roast Ducks - all backed into the loser's bracket. Go me!

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

johnnyhongkong (9-4-1) - 122 - Tony Romo - 25 points
DutchBitch Drama (8-6) - 89 - Moss/Addai - 25 points

Warped (8-4-2) - 126 - Brandon Marshall - 24 points
Roast Ducks (5-9) - 104 - Peyton Manning - 33 points

Snackiesonics (10-3-1) - 141 - Tom Brady - 39 points
CineRobots (7-7) - 51 - Ben Roethlisberger - 15 points

CK Lions (10-3-1) - 104 - Burress/Taylor/Colts D - 19 points
sinkintothepacific (5-9) - 76 - Sage Rosenfels - 22 points

Turbo Chic - (4-9-1) - 89 - Kurt Warner - 21 points
Honea Express (5-9) - 42 - Derek Anderson - 17 points

DOWN WITH PANTS! (5-8-1) - 110 - Matt Hasselbeck - 34 points
Kapgar's Kapitans (4-9-1) - 77 - Brett Favre - 20 points

Now it's time for the DWP! Fantasy Football Playoffs. The Championship bracket looks like this....

(1) Snackiesonics vs.
(4) Warped

It's a Warped team that has been cobbled together and made the playoffs without one bit time star versus the most star-studded team in the league. Prediction: Tom Brady, Terrell Owens and LaDainian Tomlinson will be too much for David Garrard. Final score: Snackiesonics 111, Warped 95

(2) CK Lions vs.
(3) johnnyhongkong

Defending champ CK Lions comes into the playoffs with a five game winning streak but was outscored overall by johnnyhongkong. The game will probably come down to quarterbacks. If Carson Palmer can have a good game, CK Lions has the advantage and johnnyhongkong needs Tony Romo to perform. Prediction: Hard one to figure, but I just get the feeling jhk will upset CK Lions. Final score: johnnyhongkong 98, CK Lions 91

Don't forget the consolation bracket...

(5) DutchBitch Drama vs.
(8) Roast Ducks

Prediction: Peyton Manning goes off, Kitna fizzles. Final score: Roast Ducks 89, DBD 75

(6) CineRobots vs.
(7) Down With Pants!

Prediction: CineRobots won't have power or internet access and still knock off my sorry squad. Final Score: CineRobots 78, DWP! 67

Good luck to all and thanks everybody for a great regular season. Sorry to those who didn't make it. Better luck next year.


MC said...

Yeah, I admit it. I'm boned this week. But you are mine next week Warped.

DutchBitch said...


Anonymous said...

Next year, when I can't draft first...my team is going to suck balls, I bet!

MC said...

A great draft can propel you to the top, it is true, but usually it is the battle of the waiver wire that wins you games.

Brandon said...

It's true, the waiver wire might be the most important part.

It's also important to have a league that allows one player to draft LT, Tom Brady and Terrell Owens. How in the world did that happen?