DWP! Fantasy Football - Week 13

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With big wins this week Snackiesonics and CK Lions have clinched a spot in the championship playoff series.

Snackiesonics owned Warped with a 121-84 victory thanks to 31 points from LT and 20 or more points out of her three other studs. Warped dropped his third straight game and is now currently tied for the final playoff spot.

Which leads us to CK Lions and DutchBitch Drama. In a much closer, hard fought game, CK Lions got an 81-75 win, his fourth straight. The defending champion stumbled a little bit but is now making a solid run. DutchBitch Drama loses her second game in a row and is tied with Warped with a spot in the playoffs on the line this week.

CineRobots continues his amazing last season run knocking off johnnyhongkong 103-93. johnnyhongkong is currently in third place but has yet to clinch a playoff spot and could really use a win this week to guarantee himself a spot. CineRobots may still have a shot at the playoffs, I may have written his chances off too soon. All of these ties are confusing the situation.

Here's the whole slate of scores complete with leading scorers...

Snackiesonics (9-3-1) - 121 - LaDainian Tomlinson - 31 points
Warped (7-4-2) - 84 - David Garrard - 20 points

CK Lions (9-3-1) - 81 - Brian Westbrook - 19 points
DutchBitch Drama (8-5) - 75 - Chargers Defense - 20 points

CineRobots (7-6) - 103 - Roethlisberger/Jackson - 22 points
johnnyhongkong (8-4-1) - 93 - Tony Romo - 34 points

sinkintothepacific (5-78) - 81 - Petersen/Gonzalez - 14 points
DOWN WITH PANTS! (4-8-1) - 64 - Earnest Graham - 19 points

Roast Ducks (5-8) - 107 - Peyton Manning - 33 points
Turbo Chic - (3-9-1) - 86 - Torry Holt - 19 points

Honea Express (5-8) - 92 - Hines Ward - 21 points
Kapgar's Kapitans (4-8-1) - 80 - Reggie Wayne - 21 points

Three, maybe four teams still have a shot at two playoff spots. Warped plays the weakest team of the bunch, Roast Ducks, but anything is possible for Roast Ducks with Peyton Manning at the helm. CineRobots has the toughest road to hoe taking on Snackiesonics. But the big game of the week has to be johnnyhongkong versus DutchBitch Drama. Chances are, winner's in, loser's out.

Here are the matchups in week twelve. League rank in parentheses...

Snackiesonics (1) vs. CineRobots (6)
CK Lions (2) vs. sinkintothepacific (8)
johnnyhongkong (3) vs. DutchBitch Drama (5)
Warped (4) vs. Roast Ducks (7)
Honea Express (9) vs. Turbo Chic (12)
Kapgar's Kapitans (10) vs. DOWN WITH PANTS! (11)


Anonymous said...

Oooh crazy that we are almost done with our season! It feels like just yesterday....

DutchBitch said...

OK... that'll probably mean I am out... Oh well... FUCK!

MC said...

I think there is a surprise or two left for the upcoming week.