Suddenly I'm Management

Posted by Brandon |

I was finally informed on Thursday that I did, in fact, get the promotion that I have been hoping for for the past four months. I've only been doing the job of three people during that time and I led my department through one of it's most massive changes and it's biggest Holiday season ever. A 30% raise makes up for a lot of the crap I've been dealing with.

Of course as soon as I get the promotion I made a mistake on a huge order that will cost us a solid chunk of change. I wouldn't have cared that much before, but now it's my ass on the line and I am pissed at myself. Some manager I am. Oh well, I got to raise my voice to an unreasonable customer this week and it was totally justified, so that makes me feel much better.

One other thing that makes me feel good, it's was high 60's and sunny this afternoon here. Just felt like I needed to rub it in the face of all my Washington family and friends. If only they had power to read this. Neener, neener, neener!


Anonymous said...


Just one thing: I just went thru the Fantasy Football rules and I'm pretty sure "management" is banned from the league... Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Washington, besieged by snow and rain, is now giving California (with their 60's weather and sunny skies) the finger.

Eh. It's probably just latent jealousy because you've got Disneyland.