Disgust: The Real Reason I Blog

Posted by Brandon |

Sadly, neither of my blogs got a finalist nod from the 2006 Weblog Awards. It appears that if I bored everybody to tears with conservative bullshit, I would have been golden. Seven of the ten finalists in the same category as DWP! are conservative political blogs, two are normal blogs that seem conservative and the other is an architecture blog (which is cool and has my vote). Obviously whoever chose these loves political blogs (I hate political blogs, conservative or liberal) so Jess and I never had a chance in hell.

I was feeling a little down and blogging didn't sound very good the past couple days, but then Death? said something tonight that snapped me out of my funk: "I heard on the radio that the Edward Scissorhands musical is coming to Thousand Oaks."

Whoa...Let me type that one more time, perhaps you read it too quickly and it didn't quite set in...

"I heard on the radio that the EDWARD SCISSORHANDS MUSICAL is coming to Thousand Oaks."

What the fuck. An Edward Scissorhands musical? How fucking awful is that? There is just about nothing in this world that could make me more pissed off than one of my favorite movies being bastardized into a Broadway sing fest. Only one of my favorite movies selling cell phones to kids could make me feel worse. But hold on....somehow it does get worse. Watch a little bit of this...

It isn't even a musical! It's a goddamn modern dance "stage adaptation"!

It's official: there is no God.


Whit said...

You'll run the bill up kid.

Pisses me off every time.

niteowl said...

I checked out that awards thing...specifically, the Best New Blog category. Wow, most of those sucked. The only one I'd even consider voting for was konagod.

Don't sweat it, dude. The blog awards sites and the fools who vote there, really have no clue on what constitutes a "good" blog.

niteowl said...

Oh, and I just checked the categories your blog was in. Those "finalists" are a joke...and not a very funny one either.

Their FAQ is pretty funny, though.

It appears that it's one lone wolf basically running the show and a team of "volunteers" helping make the choices, so it's not too tough to see that there is some obvious bias going on, and that these "awards" are indeed, a joke.

I'm sure you didn't get nominated because of your awesome header pic. Conservatives really don't like people poking fun at Heckle and Jeckle (a.k.a. Bush and Cheney).

Anonymous said...

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