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Besides the obvious reasons that the song "Fergielicious" makes me sick to my stomach (T to the A to the S-T-E-Y, I used to like the Black Eyed Peas, I don't like cake that much), I have a personal relationship to that song that makes me both laugh and want to smash my radio or TV whenever it comes on.

In college I worked at the illustrious Pizza Place in Lacey, Washington. We had the best pizza in the world and I have never found a pizza pie that compares, but that's neither here nor there. One of the servers that worked for us was this orca fat girl who thought that she was the big time shit, Prudence, or Prudie for short. Never have I met a more objectionable person who was more in love with themselves anywhere. She was a bona fide piece of work. Fired from her job at McDonald's for being incompetent, how she ever ended up at the Pizza Place is still a mystery.

One night, watching her prance around the restaurant like she was queen bee and getting completely grossed out, my coworker Jeff gave her the nickname Prudielicious and it fit her like a glove. Ever since then, we have used Prudielicious as one of the worst adjectives you could possibly use when describing a girl. Never, ever in your life would you want to be called Prudielicious by one of us. It is, in our mind, the worst thing you could say about anyone, anywhere.

So every time I hear that song Fergielicous, it kills me. It reminds me of Prudielicious, someone I have tried to forget. It also makes me laugh my ass off because of everything that Prudielicious stands for and that it fits Fergie to a tee as well. She is so not Fergielicious. She is, in every since of the word, extremely Prudielicious.

UPDATE: Death? just told me that this post is really mean. I know it's really mean and I kind of feel bad, but then she added that she has met Prudie, and I shouldn't feel bad about it being so mean.


Janet said...

I like the song, but I still cant get used to calling her Fergie. She'll always be little Stacey Ferguson from Kids Inc to me.: