Death? and Dying

Posted by Brandon |

It's been kind of a rough week for my family and the emergency room.

On Monday my grandpa was rushed to the ER after acting all loopy for a couple days and taking a spill. Turns out he had a whole host of problems including pneumonia and a weak ticker and things didn't look to good for him early on this week. But being the tough old pain in the ass that he is, he managed to pull through and got out of the hospital this afternoon and is raising 87 year-old hell at home now. He's on oxygen and is pretty weak but if I know my grandpa, he isn't going to go down easy. They sure as hell don't make them as tough as that anymore.

I also found out that my grandma on the other side of the family has some kind of infection in her foot that doesn't seem to be getting better with antibiotics and she may have to have it removed. At this point it sounds like only a Christmas miracle would be able to save it.

To go along with my family's problems, one of my temps at work's father passed away on Thursday after about a week in the hospital following a massive heart attack. She took it very hard as did her mother and unfortunately, she had to quit her position with us to watch her kids (who were usually babysat by her mom) and to take care of the arrangements.

And then tonight, I was minding my own business watching The Simpsons when I heard Death? yell from the office "OW! Oh shit, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow...." and go running into the bathroom bleeding like crazy from her leg. Turns out she was wrapping presents when she rolled over to get some tape and stuck herself right in the thigh with a pair of scissors that she had left open. The big, dull, dirty blade plunged sideways into her and managed to take a huge chunk out of her leg. So we rushed her over to the ER where she got it cleaned up nice and good and got herself a couple of stitches.

It wasn't a serious injury or anything and it pales in comparison to my grandpa nearly dying, my grandma losing her foot or my employee's father passing away. But with so many health worries tugging at my heart and brain over the last week, you can imagine the split second of fear and sadness that struck me when I found her crying and bleeding in the bathroom. It was over like that, but it was still very, very scary and powerful.