DWP! Fantasy Football - Playoff Week One

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As Donovan McNabb went, so did the Down With Pants! fantasy football team. 11-0 with McNabb healthy, 1-3 without him. Without McNabb the DWP! team floundered in the first round of the playoffs losing 75-45 to the LaDainian Tomlinson led CineRobots. CineRobots moves on to the Super Bowl while I will play for third place. Ouch.

The other championship bracket game nearly witnessed a big upset. Witty Team Name led the Culture Kills Lions 58-46 going into the Monday night game. But his quarterback, Carson Palmer, laid a big egg and the Lions got a monster performance from Marvin Harrison and rallied to pick up a 70-59 victory to move on to play CineRobots in the Super Bowl.

In the NIT bracket, 2much411foozball stomped all over Cuckoo For Kapgar and will play TheDutchFiles for fifth place after their 47-42 defeat of johnnyhongkong.

Here are the playoff week one scores. The team's playoff seed is in the brackets...

Championship Bracket

Culture Kills Lions (1) - 70 - Marvin Harrison- 22 points
Witty Team Name (4) - 59 - Marion Barber III/Patriots Defense - 16 points

CineRobots - (3) - 75 - Ron Mexico, I mean Michael Vick - 28 points
Down With Pants! (2) - 45 - Brian Westbrook - 18 points

NIT Bracket

2much411foozball (5) - 73 - Steven Jackson - 18 points
Cuckoo For Kapgar (8) - 22 - Neil Rackers - 9 points

TheDutchFiles (7) - 47 - Steelers Defense - 18 points
johnnyhongkong (6) - 42 - Terrell Owens/Eagles Defense - 15 points

It's time for the first annual DWP! Super Bowl and a bunch of other games. May the best teams win...

Super Bowl:
Culture Kills Lions vs.
(3) CineRobots

3rd Place Game:
(2) Down With Pants! vs.
(4) Witty Team Name

NIT Championship:
(5) 2much411foozball vs.
(7) TheDutchFiles

7th Place Game:
(6) johnnyhongkong vs.
(8) Cuckoo For Kapgar


DutchBitch said...

So.. on the extreeeeeeemely off chance that I win... what would that mean exactly? NIT?

Replicant said...

LT is leading me to the title! He's a friggin' one man team.

MC said...

I had second pick last year in the draft and LT was the guy I picked. I was very happy with that pick, because he is a good, consistent player week in and week out.

MC said...

Wow.... it really was the Superbowl... it was all over by halftime.