DWP! Fantasy Football - Championship Week

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Congratulations go out to Culture Kills Lions for winning the first annual Down With Pants! Fantasy Football League Championship. The Lions capped off a one loss regular season by demolishing CineRobots 86-39 in the Super Bowl. Shaun Alexander led the way with 19 points and six of his nine starters scored double digits points. CineRobots studs choked in the clutch. Ladainian Tomlinson failed to score any touchdowns and finished with just six points while Michael Vick cost the CineRobots a point after his miserable performance.

Here are the Championship Week scores. Playoff seed is in the brackets and, as always, leading scorers follow...

Super Bowl
Culture Kills Lions (1) - 86 - Shaun Alexander - 19 points
CineRobots - (3) - 39 - Panthers Defense - 14 points

3rd Place Game
Down With Pants! (2) - 89 - Vince Young - 24 points
Witty Team Name (4) - 56 - Isaac Bruce - 13 points

NIT Championship
2much411foozball (5) - 65 - Steven Jackson - 22 points
TheDutchFiles (7) - 62 - Marc Bulger - 32 points

7th Place Game
Cuckoo For Kapgar (8) - 53 - Philip Rivers - 15 points
johnnyhongkong (6) - 40 - Eagles Defense - 13 points

Here are the complete final Down With Pants! Fantasy Football League Standings. Awards and prizes are on their way within the next couple weeks...

4th - Witty Team Name
5th - 2much411foozball
6th - TheDutchFiles
7th - Cuckoo For Kapgar
8th - johnnyhongkong
9th - Red Zins
10th - navelgazing ramblers
11th - Blogography
12th - The OC Snackiepoos

Thank you to all who played, I know that it was put together at the last minute and kind of a mess because of the auto-draft. I hope we can do this again next year but with a live draft and some better rules and whatnot. Now that everybody has a year of experience under their belts, season two should be even better.


Hilly said...

Awesome! My goal in life is not to be first, but to be last ;).

kapgar said...

If you do it again, I'm totally in. Just mark me down and bank on it. Unless I'm dead, that is. Let's hope I'm in.

MC said...

And history shows that my talents dip precipitously the second year I play a league(I got to the Superbowl with the most offensively minded team in the league last season and lost and in the second season I just was 5th of 8).

Just like in real life I guess. Just like the saying Defense wins championships.

DutchBitch said...

Wow... 6th is not bad... not bad at all... taking into account I had NO CLUE as to what I was doing...

2much411 said...

thanks for getting that together Brandon and I had fun. I would do it again next year. I would most def prefer a live draft but I didn't do too bad with the auto.


Replicant said...

My team did not show up in the final. 39 points...wish I'd have put up more a fight.

Replicant said...

oh, and live draft is way better for next year.