Yelp Likes Me, They Really Like Me

Posted by Brandon |

If I do all this blogging and writing for just one thing, I'd have to say it's for the recognition. Not for the friends that I've made or the cheap, super fun hobby it has provided me over the years or just having somewhere to vent and let myself go. Nope, I like awards.

So imagine how happy this made me this morning....

Yep, your boy Brandon is Seattle Yelp's Review Of The Day! How you like me now? Here's my winning review of Paseo...

I really didn't think that Paseo would live up the lofty hype that it has garnered or the expectations that I have put on a sandwich that many claim is the best in the entire country. I really didn't. I've even kind of written off the Fremont location because I didn't want to stand in line for a very long time with the possibility of great disappointment.

But when I heard about the Paseo opening in Ballard, I decided that the time was finally right to give it a go. Opening day would be an event, the lines probably wouldn't be longer than a few minutes, and if I was disappointed, my investment wouldn't be that great.

Now, after my first Paseo experience, my mind is racing trying to find excuses to drive from Edmonds into Fremont or Ballard just to pick me up some delicious pork-y goodness...

"Hey, that's my old dentist. I should go back to him."
"The baby loves the ducks at Golden Gardens."
"79 cent avocados at Top Banana!"
"Gas at Safeway is $3.96"
"Perhaps Centerfolds needs a bear."

So, as you can tell, I loved my pork sandwich. So incredibly tasty. And I have waged a lifetime war against the evils of the onion. I frigging hate onions! But the caramelized sweet onions they use had me gobbling up the ones that fell off my sandwich and onto the paper. That is so against my beliefs and character, I don't totally feel like myself today.

But I do agree with Bella S., the scallops are delicious on their own, but their flavor gets lost amidst all the other good stuff on the sandwich. I'll stick with the basics next time.

Perhaps my excuse to get back down into Ballard should just simply be "ME NEED PORK...ME NEED PORK" Yeah, that sounds good.

To celebrate, I think I might have lunch there today. Anybody in Seattle want to join me?


Catherine said...

Hay! Big Congrats to my PNW homie. *wild applause*

Hilly said...

Dude, you are so rad. Congratulations!

kapgar said...

Coolness. So how did you find out you were reviewer of the day? Do you visit the site every day or did you receive notification?

Whit said...

Very cool!

Brandon said...

Catherine - Thanks!

Hilly - I am so rad, right?

Kapgar - I do visit the site everyday to read the talk threads and friends reviews and whatnot. But the way I found out was I got a whole bunch of "compliments" that all were congratulating me.

Whit - Thanks again!

Justin Scott said...

I just started posting reviews on Yelp. It's such a great tool and community. Totally kills the competition like Sidwalk.com

martymankins said...

I see your Yelp tweets, but I don't think I've been out there too often. Major kudos to you.