Hired For Her Boobs, Not Her Attention To Details

Posted by Brandon |

Almost every single Monday night, on my way to soccer, I drive by the corner of 212th and Highway 99. On that corner sits Urban Blend Espresso, a drive up espresso stand that proudly features girls in bikinis - just one of the many sexpresso stands in town - it's all the rage here in the suburbs of Seattle.

And every single Monday night I have noticed that whichever bikini clad babe that closes up the place always leaves the "Open" sign on. It hasn't been off on a Monday night for eight or nine weeks now.

Perhaps I'm expecting a little too much out of a barista in a swimsuit?

Or maybe I have been missing out on "Urban Blends Espresso: After Hours" this whole time? It is on Aurora after all.


whall said...

Maybe it's a new line of self-serve expresso they're going to promote.

They could get Madonna involved and call it "Expresso Self" (you've got to drink it) expresso self, yeah, yeah, yeah, yay.

B.E. Earl said...

Urban Blends Espresso: After Hours

UP all night!

martymankins said...

Not sure about Washington state laws regarding adult entertainment, but this "After Hours" thing could be something to look into.

Is that downtown Seattle club "100 Beautiful Women and 3 ugly ones" still open?

Becky said...

I was thinking the same thing as your last line -- it is on Aurora, after all. Maybe they do have Sexpresso After Dark?