Blog Culture Box Wednesday: Bond, James Bond

Posted by Brandon |

Thanks to Dan, Susannah, Grant and Matthew for answering my 007 questions this week.

What about you...
  1. Connery, Moore, Brosnan or Craig?
  2. If you were a Bond babe, what would your name be?
  3. "Now put your clothes back on, and I'll buy you a...."
  4. How do you take your martini?
Feel free to leave your answers in the comments.

And if you are interested in taking part in Blog Culture Box Wednesday, leave me a comment and let me know.


kapgar said...

1. Right there with ya, man! Craig is it. And I have Dalton and Lazenby right behind him simply because the three of them are the darkest of the bunch and not only kick some ass, but get their asses kicked in return. They are the closest to how the books described the character. Connery, Moore, and Brosnan have nothing on them. Those films are too mired in camp.

2. Hot Lips Houlihan... that hasn't been used anywhere before, has it?

3. Pony. What girl doesn't want a pony?

4. Do I look like I give a damn?!

B.E. Earl said...

1. I never thought I would say anyone but Connery, but Daniel Craig rocks as Bond. Let's hope that he keeps it up (that's what she said).

2. Missy Wicks - It's also my transvestite name (first pet, first streed you lived on).

3. "...new pair of panties. Sorry 'bout that."

4. Hendrick's Gin, not too dry, straight up with 2 big olives.

Jesse said...

1. "Lroger Moolre."
"...Roger Moore?"
"Yeah, Lroger Moolre."
"I prefer Sean Connery but..."
"No no no no no no. Lroger Moolre."

Lroger Moolre.

2. Douche Bigalow.

3. Bus ticket.

4. All gin and no vermouth...

Avitable said...

1. I'd rank them as Craig, Brosnan, Connery, Dalton, Moore, Lazenby.
2. Deze Bressarereal
3. "ticket to hell"
4. shaken, crushed, dirty, and apoplectic.

~Tori said...

1. I honestly don't have an opinion, it's all about the accent, and they all do it for me!
2. Fiona Plum
3. starbucks
4. lemon-droppy or cosmopolotiny

DutchBitch said...

1. Connery with Craig coming in a good second

2. DutchyLicious

3. ehm... why put your clothes back on? waste of energy really...

4. Dirty

Justin Scott said...

I love these posts! I'd be honored to be one of your boxes :)

Brandon said...

I like how my "Now put your clothes back on..." answer doesn't match the question. I meant to take off the "a" and give everybody even more options for things to purchase.

Kapgar - I kind of like the camp of some of them, but Craig's Bond was so much darker, it worked really well for that movie.

BE Earl - Bond girl names also make great transvestite names and roller derby girls.

Jesse - There you go quoting Steel Magnolias again.

Avitable - Brosnan over Connery, huh? I forget all the Brosnan ones, none of them stand out that much to me.

Tori - A sucker for an accent huh? Me too. But I'm more of an 80's Jersey girl kind of guy.

Dutchy - You already have a Bond girl name. That was easy.

Justin - You're on the list. Thanks!

Avitable said...

Goldeneye was the best Bond film I'd seen in a while, until Casino Royale.

Brandon said...

Well, I'll have to admit I'm not a diehard Bond fan anyway. I'm not even sure if I saw Goldeneye. Though, in college, I played the Goldeneye game nonstop. We had the four player thing going almost 24/7.

SUEB0B said...

Connery because of the accent.

Sheila Luscious

...dinner at the French Laundry

With gin, NOT vodka. Vodka martinis are for douchenozzles.

Hilly said...

1. Connery, all the way.
2. Trixie Tailgater
3. Smoke and a pancake.
4. Served by boys who know how to get on their knees!


Poppy said...

The combo of Vulva McLabia plus the puppy made me laugh uncontrollably.

1. I'm digging Craig.
2. Anna Lingus.
3. The puppies thing, hands down.
4. Apple-flavored? Je ne drink pas martinis.

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