From The DWP! Archives: I'm Magic

Posted by Brandon |

Did you know that I'm magic? Check it out...

Friday morning I brought a Diet Cherry Coke with me to work. I drank a little bit more than half of it before setting it on my workstation and forgetting about it. We had a leak in the roof above our area and had to move a bunch of boxes around so that our building manager could figure out the problem.

While moving these boxes I must have bumped my workstation ever so slightly and knocked my soda over. I went to the restroom and did some other work and about half an hour later I returned to my workstation and was stopped dead in my tracks by what I found...

Completely freaked out I ran into the other room and yelled at my coworkers to come see what I found. Everybody accused me of setting it up and didn't believe that it could just happen randomly.

Of course this phenomenon is easily explained. But before you start spouting off some kind of scientific crap about center of gravity and whatnot, let me set you straight. It obviously was Magic. I must be magic. There really is no other explanation. These powers that I possess are strong. So you'd best not cross me or else you might find yourself a victim of my magic just like this can of Diet Cherry Coke.


martymankins said...

The last time I tried doing that, I had soda everywhere. Mine was not magic. Clearly, your's is magic.

Jesse said...

Incidental magic, huh? Sounds pretty weak to me.

Just to one up you, I do that all the time but I balance the can on my chest.

B.E. Earl said...

I think most of the best things in the world can be explained with magic. So the soda can explanation sounds right to me.

Justin Scott said...

I really like this trick for balance. Freaks my smoker friends out, especially when they're really drunk haha




Becky said...

I don't have that same type of luck -- if I hit a soda can, that crap is everywhere. Obviously, you have magic.