DWP! Learns How To Draw Again - #2

Posted by Brandon |

Right before we had Addie, I rediscovered Mark Kistler, who hosted one of my favorite TV shows when I was a child - Mark Kistler's Imagination Station. I was going to start doing one of his YouTube videos once a week and show you the results and we would see how I was coming along week to week. Then we had a baby and my mind went elsewhere.

Well, today I resume that journey. Today's subject: Electric Eel...

And here is how I did trying to feverishly keep up with him...

Well, it certainly is something. It's kind of less eel and more vicious tapeworm with some fucked up fins. One thing is apparent, I need to find some real pencils around the house. I'm using some jacked up old colored pencils I found and I can't find a sharpener. And when I get a little more confident, maybe I'll throw in my own little touches here and there so it isn't just a copy of what he did.

But it shows a little promise. Pretty soon, I'll be doing great pieces of art, just like Dave. Yeah. Right.


Iron Fist said...

I used to love that show growing up. I hate to say it but I probably still have some of those drawings laying around someplace.

martymankins said...

All of the office stores (Office Max, Office Depot, Staples) have been having these penny sales on back to school items. I purchased several composition books, colored pencils and various other writing utensils to work on my Banal Leakage logo that I want (as well as other graphics for that site and other sites I have planned). I think your drawing is cool, but I'm finding that people that have drawn before, it comes much easier.

I'm thinking I need more time to master this talent.

Becky said...

I'm not sure I even have a pencil at home. I'm also so unartistic that I doubt that I could follow along and even draw a straight line.