5 Topics on a Wednesday

Posted by Brandon |

1. We need one more team for the DWP! Fantasy Football League. No experience necessary, just a willingness to keep your team going all season. We will have a live draft, with a date between the 24th and the end of the month as the day. If you are interested in playing - and it's a ton of fun - please leave me a comment and I'll shoot you the final invitation. All your friends are playing...so should you.

2. I'm in trouble. In the past I've written about my short soccer career. Long story short, I never played growing up, my first time playing was two or three years ago and only in coed recreational 6-on-6 soccer.

But two weeks ago I answered a Craigslist ad and joined a soccer team in the Greater Seattle Soccer League. It's full field soccer, 11-on-11, for 90 minutes. Whoa. I have a month to run and learn how to play the game and get ready. Luckily, my teammates are also all out-of-shape and haven't played on a team in years and years so I don't look too bad. Plus it's a 30-and-over league, and I'm only 31, so I have a small advantage there. But still, this could easily get ugly.

3. I'm considering starting a new blog, one devoted to all things Edmonds. I even have my bumper sticker inspired header designed already...

The only problem I'm having so far? How do I make this town sound interesting? Not a ton happens here and it's far from hip. What will I have to write about? Old-dude-on-a-Rascal-of-the-week is the only feature I'm sure about so far. I'm going to have to give this one some thought before I put it out there.

4. We started watching the David Duchovny series Californication tonight and I don't know if we'll watch anymore. It's just too....LA. I hate LA. I don't want to watch a show about unhappy people in LA doing LA stuff. If I did want to watch unhappy people doing LA stuff, we wouldn't have moved back to Seattle. Here we get to see unhappy LA people doing Seattle stuff, unhappily.

5. In a severe blow to my soccer training, today I discovered one of the greatest sandwiches put on this planet at a little tiny shack on Seaview Drive in Ballard. Paseo's pork sandwiches are AMAZING. If you live in Seattle and haven't made it to either the Fremont location or the brand new Ballard one, you must go. Take the day off from work tomorrow, they won't miss you.

My sandwich options in the greater Seattle area are overwhelming. I've got the Other Coast Cafe, Paseo, Grinders and Tub's to choose from and probably even more delicious goodness elsewhere (I know where there's a Jersey Mikes too!).

Must stay strong. Remember Brandon, 90 minutes of nonstop running in only a month. You can do it.


DutchBitch said...

On the #1 issue: I have had to drop out this year cuz of being so busy that I can't possibly keep my team going all that time but one of you should SERIOUSLY think of joining the league! It's FUN!!!

Mrs. Hall said...

#4 I too cannot watch Californication. Dumb, whiney, dumb, LA, dumb, bad acting, dumb, no basic human likeable qualities, dumb.

#3 Why don't you solicite those around you to write. I mean, they may be old farts, but they will awesome things to say if you ask them. Ask them to write things for the blog. Ask for submissions.

This will take some networking, some flyering in local bars, coffee shops and walgreens. But let the people speak! You can be the editor and weed out the weak entries. Old people rock man. Some can even email! Just give them a chance.

Good luck with your soccer team. Get out while you can!


Mrs. Hall

Anonymous said...

Dude, once I get the hell out of here, I am so never watching shows about whiny LA people, except maybe Entourage, of course.

I don't blame you.

Johnny McG said...

I will join your league my good man

Brandon said...

McG - You know I'd love to have you in the league, and if worse comes to worse, I'll sign you up...but I really want bloggers. Start a blog, and then we'll really talk.

johnny mcg said...

I figured, but worth a shot.

martymankins said...

I love LA... but it probably helps that I only visit a few times a year and don't live there full time like you did and like Hilly still does (well, she lives in OC, but it's just as busy and packed there... just less smog)

Becky said...

Have you tried Tat's in Pioneer Square? It's pretty difficult b/c they're only open Mon - Fri and before Seahawks home games, but they serve a Philly cheesesteak that my mouth water whenever I think about it. So good.

Soccer is a great way to get back in shape, yet disguising it like a fun activity. I would love to play, if I wasn't so bad about missing the ball (yes really). I'm unartistic and unathletic. Go me!

catherine said...

Little homesick for my spectacular hometown right now. I will be visiting soon, can hardly wait! You're a neighbor of my mom, she lives in Brier.

catherine said...

(P.S. - spectacular is in reference to Seattle, not Edmonds, although the waterfront there is very pretty. I spent the last three years of high school in Edmonds, graduated from Edmonds High - we used to refer to the town as 'Deadmonds', hehe - Go Tigers! Love your banner, that is cool.)