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Death? and I just finished a marathon Scrabble showdown. In a matchup of Ivy League versus really crappy community college and state university educations, who would take the title of king or queen Scrabble?

The answer: Neither of us, kind of. I won the first game handily - 247-213 thanks to the letter "Z" and my cunning use of it. She won the second game - 251-250.

But, she will forever know that in the second game I did not challenge the word "Krab" even though I was pretty sure it wouldn't be in the dictionary. Since we couldn't find our usual Scrabble dictionary, we had to get up and go to the computer room and use Miriam-Webster's website for any challenges. When "Krab" was played, my lazy ass didn't want to make that trek even though it turned out to be a 30 point word. After the fact, I looked it up and it is not a recognized by Miriam-Webster. What a blow to her score that would've been. Damn my lazy butt!

This could all be settled with another game, but it's 12:15 so Death? called it a night...and told me that "loser puts away Scrabble". Uh!? It was not double or nothing. We're either tied here OR I'm the champion. The Scrabble stays put until this is finished.

Oh, who am I kidding. I put away the game like the dutiful husband that I am and I'll even let her go out on a high note, drop the whole "Krab" thing, and give her the title of Queen Scrabble. Love makes you do funny things. Things that normally aren't in your character - like letting go of mistakes, taking your lumps, and losing gracefully.

Besides, as an unemployed SOB with high class tastes who obviously married up, I know one thing: Don't bite the hand that feeds you.


The Freelance Guru said...

'Krab' as in the 'Krusty Krab' (Spongebob squarepants)

Real word, but Proper noun, therefore not allowed...

Either way you still should have won.

jesse said...

Use scrabble.com not a third-party dictionary.

Still, "krab" is not a word in any dictionary.

Becky said...

Yeah, I would've called Krab myself, but it's tough when you know that someone plays Scrabble so much that they might've figured out some of those words that sound fake but really aren't (I called Ted on a Q word and he was right). Ted kills me on Scrabble, so I rarely want to play with him.