Whoa....That's Good Squishee!

Posted by Brandon |

I love me some Kwik-E-Mart. The Burbank location is very close to the airport so we hit it before we flew out on Friday. It's a wicked cool marketing ploy.

We just got back from our trip to rainy Olympia (see some pictures from our trip on Flickr). I've got some bad travel karma lately. We were supposed to get into Burbank at 9:15 AM but didn't even leave Seattle until almost noon. Almost all the delay was spent on the airplane while they made repairs. Alaskan Airlines did impress us with their customer service though, it was much better than in the past. They did just about everything in their power to keep us informed and make things right.

Coming up tomorrow night: A big honkin' Down With Pants! announcement.


kapgar said...

I'm testing a theory here, did you ever live in the New England area?

A coworker tried this on me when I said "wicked cool" to her on the phone. She says it's a northeastern thing to say. It doesn't really happen much outside of there. And, well, I did live in Connecticut for a spell, so it worked.

Avitable said...

I still need to drive down to the Kwik-E Mart around here. I can't believe you didn't take pictures closer up!

Kapgar, "wicked cool" is totally a Boston saying. "Wicked" anything, actually.

Replicant said...

Nice Bushwicks cap! Unless I'm remembering my caps wrong...

Brandon said...

Kapgar - I lived in New York, but not the Boston area. But I say "wicked" sometimes anyway, it's a small part of my vocabulary that I picked up along the way.

Avitable - I have some other closer-up pictures that I will be posting on Flickr at some point soon.

Replicant - You got it! Still one of my favorites and it goes so well with that shirt.

Rattling The Kettle said...

Let me tell you a dirty little secret about Alaska Airlines' Seattle-to-Burbank flight: they cancel it, citing mechanical problems, whenever the flight and the next scheduled one are both less than 50% full. That way, they run one almost full plane instead of 2 almost empty planes.