Look at the Big Brain on Brandon

Posted by Brandon |

I waited all night to play the World Seris of Pop Culture's Trivia Dome after tonight's episode and the first question that was asked was something along the lines of "What buddy movie did Tom Hanks star in with a jowled canine?"

The answer is frigging Turner & Hooch, and I knew that. But in my haste to get my answer in quickly, I accidentally clicked on stupid Tango & Cash and I was eliminated immediately. I didn't spend more than ten seconds in the Trivia Dome.

Oh well, I guess there's always tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

I hate it when I do stuff like that! I just created an account and am going to play tonight...thanks for the linkage.

Replicant said...

I wish I'd known about this tourny as I'd like to have formed a team to show off my "geek" skills.