Happy 5th of July!

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I guess I just don't have any long form posts in me this week, so here's another list of the little things in my head...
  1. Did anybody download The Format's album Dog Problems like I recommended? Well if you did, isn't it an awesome album? I absolutely love it. If you didn't, see my previous sentence and give it a try. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Plus, it's free! Use one of your 100 Gmail invites if you don't want to give your own email address or let me know and I'll give you one of mine.

  2. We went to Santa Barbara for the 4th. Doesn't that sound like a really yuppie thing to say? Anyway, they had the US Air Force band playing music before the fireworks and they did a medley of showtunes complete with singing and everything. Don't you think it's a little dangerous for a military man to be singing showtunes in any context? Don't ask.

  3. I'm totally buying one of these...

    Great idea Foo Diddy! Get yours by clicking here.

  4. I think this could be the best television show EVER. E! or Discovery should feel free to steal my idea: The Simple Life: Deadliest Catch

  5. Here's another one. A guy competes for a harem. Get 20 porn stars and one guy and the guy must do a bunch of challenges. The best he can do if he completes all the challenges is get "serviced" by the 20 porn stars. But if he messes up the challenge, some porn stars must go. Imagine how, ummm, hard the guy would work to win on this show.

    UPDATE: After sleeping on this idea, I figured out how to really make it work. Have the poor porn-obsessed shlub sign a contract that says that at the end of the show he has to be serviced by his harem no matter what. Show the guy his harem of 20 smoking hot porn stars and then show him his harem in waiting....dudes, bearded ladies, grandmas, midgets, the super hardcore BDSM dominatrix, whatever. Make the guy do the challenges, but every time he messes up, instead of just eliminating a few porn stars, you substitute a 700 lb lady or some guy with a 15 inch penis into his harem. You can't tell me that that wouldn't make great television.

  6. Chik-Fil-A just opened in Oxnard and after my softball game tonight I finally had an opportunity to grab myself some. First of all, I picked up some trash in the parking lot and the manager saw me do it so he comped half of my meal. That was very cool. Secondly, holy shit. I forgot how good Chik-Fil-A is. They make a mean crispy spicy chicken sandwich AND they have waffle fries AND they have sweet tea. What more could you ask for?

  7. If you like my crappy Chik-Fil-A review, then why haven't you signed up to be my friend on Yelp yet? Seriously, I have been Yelping for the last month and I love it. I like writing about food and I like finding new places to eat, so it's been a valuable resources all around.

  8. Finally, I know you all love it when I post about sports, but I've just got to share this picture. I may complain about living down here a lot, but on Tuesday afternoon I went to a Santa Barbara Foresters ballgame that they played in Carpinteria as a benefit for the city's Little League and I was reminded just how incredibly gorgeous it is here...

  9. Wow! That, my friends, is what baseball looks like in paradise.


kapgar said...

Fine, I'll download it already!

But I will NOT wear Karl panties. Nor do I want him coming that close to my wife! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Will you post a picture of you wearing your new thong?

Whit said...

I always thought baseball in paradise would have cornfields around it.

Peeved Michelle said...

Thanks for the reminder about the Chik-fil-a. I noticed it the other day when were at Babies R Us draining our bank account.

Brandon said...

Kapgar - I don't blame you one bit.

Hilly - Sure thing. Sometime in the future it'll just appear without warning. I will never have a single reader again.

Whit - Personally I think it would've been better if he came out of the orange groves behind this ballpark

Michelle - No problem. I take it you didn't camp out for a couple days prior to it opening like some other people did.

Peeved Michelle said...

We went tonight and it was surprisingly not busy for being open only a month.

Stacey Richter said...

Love the album, thx for recommendation.


Karl said...

You have exquisite taste in undergarments. Like Hilly, I want to see a picture of you in that thong.