Happy 8th of July!

Posted by Brandon |

Hey right-wing Christian psycho I saw on TBN the other night! Guess what? It's July 8th, meaning that your prediction that Armageddon will come on 7/7/07, because everything in the bible comes in sevens and so will Jesus' return, was dead wrong. God's men didn't take back the world yesterday. No surprise there seeing that our calendar is totally arbitrary. How many times have you predicted the end of the world now? Was that lucky number seven?

Maybe God's men will take back the world sometime in the future, but it didn't happen yesterday and when it does, I doubt you'll be one of the ones taking it back. Personally I think that God, if there is one, wouldn't claim your slimy, swindling ass as one of his own. Gold medallions? Seriously? It's 2007, Crockett. God's men should have better style than that.

Speaking of other nut-job douchebags who think they will be going to heaven...

Benny Hinn's autobiography is titled He Touched Me? That explains soooooo much.


Dave2 said...

Better somebody touching Benny than Benny touching me!