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I was thinking that maybe I would like to write for Snackiepoo's new Snackie Teevee blog. All the cool kids are doing it. But then I read Karl and Kapgar's list of shows that they watch and started thinking about my own list and realized that I may not be qualified. As you can see, I don't really watch that much network TV...



Gilmore Girls - if they aren't complaining too much
Veronica Mars - Only show that I won't miss, ever.


My Name Is Earl
The Office
30 Rock



I mainly watch cable TV or syndicated shows. Almost every night I watch...

The Simpsons reruns - although they only show, like five different episodes anymore
Seinfeld reruns
The Daily Show
The Colbert Report
The first 15 minutes of Late Night With Conan O'Brien
Bits and pieces of whatever sporting event is on
Sportscenter - at night and in the morning before work

Some other shows that I will watch if I run past them surfing around...

Project Runway and Top Chef - I watch these when they are new
What Not To Wear
How Do I Look?
My Super Sweet Sixteen
Best Week Ever
Any of the shows about really weird and cool houses

And that's pretty much it. Yet somehow I fill the entire evening watching TV. I've decided that I need to cut the syndicated shows (Simpsons and Seinfeld) and all the surfing (except Best Week Ever and Mythbusters) out of my diet. When there isn't something new to watch, I need to turn the TV off and either do some blogging or some reading or go to the gym.

Yeah, we'll see how that goes.


Dave2 said...

Oh how I envy such a schedule! I would be embarrassed to post how much ridiculous television I watch. :-)

kapgar said...

Soooo underqualified. Yet I'm soooo envious. I sometimes wish I were as underqualified.

Hilly said...

You should totally come post...you can post about the random stuff you see because sometimes that is the best ever.

Besides, I love Homer Simpson and anyone who watches that show full time wins ;)

Karl said...

Wow, you don't waste NEARLY enough time in front of the television.

Lisa Snider said...

What, no Idol? What about Knights of Prosperity?