Beard Backlash

Posted by Brandon |

I just want to thank everybody for their kind words of support as I bared my face, chest and soul in yesterday's post. From Dutchy's "OMFG! Those first 2 pictures should be banned from the internet all together... They could cause serious mental damage!" to my own little brother's " You could have at least put your shirt back on for the photos", people couldn't have been kinder today.

Death? was working last night so she had yet to see me back to being baby-faced. Surprisingly, she stuck to her non-complimentary guns. All throughout the beard growing experience I asked her what she thought and every time she replied with "I don't have an opinion". That usually is a really bad, bad sign so I figured that shaving would elicit some kind of response. But the best that I got was an explanation about how she hates having my mustache hair go up her nose when we kiss. I guess I'll have to take that as a compliment.

My co-workers reactions were equally as kind. Adela, who doesn't speak great English and couldn't quite find the right word, said "you look weird", "you look strange", "you look...uhhhh" and finally after I suggested it, "you look different", which is what I think she was trying to say all along.

I would also like to acknowledge my little brother's astute observation that "...immediately following this post about not wanting to see your "own mug that much" you go ahead and post seven self portraits..." Yes, it's true. I thought about that right after I hit publish but at least it will cycle off of the page shortly.

By the way, my face is still fucking freezing.