And They're Vicious Bastards Too

Posted by Brandon |

Today at lunch we somehow ended up on the topic of Alaska and I was describing to my Latina co-worker, whose English isn't perfect (it's pretty good, she just is missing some words from her vocabulary), how moose just randomly wander around downtown and through the neighborhoods in Fairbanks.

The confused look on her face told me that she had absolutely no idea what a moose was. So we went to her handy-dandy English to Spanish dictionary and looked it up and discovered that there isn't a word in Spanish for moose.

So for future reference, if you are trying to describe a moose to a Spanish speaker, if they don't know who Rocky and Bulwinkle are just call up this Wikipedia page and show them the picture and you will probably get a "Ohhhh....those!" just like I did today.


MC said...

They are bastards yes, but so majestic looking.

A Canadian that has never seen one(or smelled one) up close... ever.

Avitable said...

la moos-o didn't work?

August Goddess said...

No spanish word for moose? You don't say.