Right On Fat Ballz

Posted by Brandon |

As the husband of a Cornell University alum, let me just say how disappointed I was when I surfed over to The Cornell Daily Sun and didn't find any mention of the funniest line uttered all night on network television. So I went ahead and took the liberty of creating the front page that I was hoping to see...

Watch your back Editor in Chief, Erica Blair Fink '07 - Once the Cornell community sees what I have done with your quaint little newspaper, you're going to have a mutiny on your hands. If you want to avoid such a revolt, please feel free to use my layout in the next edition.

Also, to the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, if you don't use the the line "right on fat ballz...that's a good program!" on the cover of your promotional materials, you truly are missing a great opportunity to connect with today's youth.

I'm surprised I'm saying this, but 30 Rock rocks. Go Big Red!


Avitable said...

Why are you surprised you're saying that? I think 30 Rock is best new show that premiered this year.

Karl said...

Weird, I've tried watching 30 Rock several times and it's never more than mediocre...at least the episodes I've seen.

Brandon said...

Avitable - I'm starting to think that way. I wanted to not like 30 Rock because I used to have no use for Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan on SNL. But last night's episode definitely got me hooked.

Karl - Some of the earlier episode I felt the same way about, but like I said, it has grown on me a lot.