An Abandoned Post Revisited

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I was looking for something on my blog this evening and I started reading some of the drafts that I have written over the years. Some of them were good ideas that I ran out of time to finish, some of them were ideas that just never came together and some were just abandoned for reasons unknown to me. Here is one of those abandoned posts originally started on July 23rd, 2006...

Clerks II made me think about my life. Have there ever been stranger words written? Oddly enough, it's true. Actually, it was more an interview with Kevin Smith that I heard on NPR that started me thinking, but seeing Clerks II tonight brought it back into my mind.

Smith was asked if he thought that Dante and Randal were kind of sad because of their career choices and he started talking about how for many people their aspirations and their ambitions may seem limited or nonexistent, when in reality, they just differ from what is accepted as being ambitious.

I have been told many times that I'm not driven or ambitious, but that's not completely true. I am lazy, it's true, and I've never really chased my ambitions terribly hard. My career ambitions have been as follows: radio disc jockey, sports broadcaster, minor league baseball executive, pizza place owner, journalist. All of these careers require a massive amount of time and energy to be successful.

After flaming out of minor league baseball a few years ago, I realized that my free time, spending time with my wife and eventually with my children is what's really important to me. My true career ambition is to have a job that doesn't interfere with my private life. Even my current job seems to interfere a bit much for my taste, what with the hour to an hour and a half round trip commute (30 whole miles, what a load!) and the sudden encroachment of corporate regulations since our move to a new facility.

I'm lucky that I have a wife who allows me to have an ambition like this since I don't necessarily have to be the breadwinner in the family. Don't get me wrong, I would like to be the breadwinner, as a guy there is a lot of pressure to be that person even with a doctor in the house. But for now, I can have a job that doesn't make a ton of money. I don't

...And that's where it ends. I'm not sure why I stopped, if I remember right, I stopped because I thought it was too personal. I may also have not been able to figure out how to wrap it all up, that plagues my writing every single day. Or maybe I got pissed off at my neighbor and posted this instead.

Whatever, it's still all so true even if I never finished my thoughts.


David Markland said...

Damn. That would have been one of the finer posts you ever wrote on this blog... well, it still is. Good stuff.