Greatest Game I Have Ever Seen

Posted by Brandon |

Sorry CineRobots, but Wooooo Hooooo!!! The Fiesta Bowl tonight was the greatest game I have ever seen played and I am so happy to see Boise State knock off Oklahoma 43-42 in overtime. That game gave me every possible emotion that one could have during a football game and I didn't even have a true rooting interest other than wanting to see a Pacific Northwest team win and for Boise State to prove that they belonged. Color me blue, because Boise State has made a fan out of me.


MC said...

Did you watch the after show with the interview with Johnson. Now that turned an underdog story truly into Rocky.

Those were some beautiful trick plays!

Go Broncos! Hail, Hail the WAC.

Dave2 said...

It was a pretty sweet game, and I was really glad that I Tivo-ed it so I could watch through the hi-lights when I got off work.

P.S. I still like "Crash." :-)

Replicant said...

Glad you enjoyed it...I personally found the game sickening, painful and something that will haunt me way longer than it should.

It should be noted I am an OU alum, have season tickets and have been living and dying by OU since the late '70s when I was a kid. Effing Boise State and their trick plays!!!!