Smacked Again

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I finally got a re-review from I Talk 2 Much. I got two smacks on my first review back in July mainly because of my crappy Black Template of Death and the fact that my template just happened to go haywire when they gave me my review. I took the criticism, made some changes and now the joint looks pretty good.

Too bad my content isn't nearly as solid as it once was or else I might have shown some improvement over my first review. Avitable, who I would consider a friend of DWP!, gave me only two smacks this time because of my uninteresting posts and sports related content. It sounds like he sure does hate sports.

Personally, I love sports. Hell, I wanted to work in sports for most of my life. But I've tried to keep sports separate from DWP! as much as possible because I know that most people don't care one bit. I even started a blog about sports logos rather than subjecting DWP! readers to logo reviews. However, sports does seep through but only occasionally. It just so happens that out of the ten current posts on my blog, three are about sports. That truly isn't the norm.

I'll openly admit that the content, including the sports posts, haven't been great lately and the lack of comments is a testament to that. I don't really know why I haven't been interesting lately, sometimes the lack of drama in my life is a hindrance. Stability can be a curse for a writer, but I'm perfectly happy with my stability so I doubt that will change anytime soon.

Another big hindrance has been the firewalls at work. I used to see something online during the day and immediately write a post about it during my break or on lunch. I hoped that my Helio would allow me to post from anywhere at anytime, but blogger doesn't work for shit on mobile phones, so now I end up limiting my posting time to when I'm sleepy and ready for bed after 10 PM.

Whatever...excuses, excuses. I know that this could be a better blog and I want to do a better job and be more interesting. But all things considered, two smacks isn't too bad and everything that Avitable said is true. Especially about me looking "like the missing link between Bigfoot and humans". He couldn't be more right on.

UPDATE: I take the whole not posting about sports thing back. I forgot about the DWP! Fantasy Football League that took up quite a bit of space during football season. I can't blame anybody not playing in the league for not liking that.


Avitable said...

Honestly, I think two is a solid review. I consider that to be like an "A-" and reserve three and four smacks for those blogs that are absolutely fucking hilarious to the point that I eagerly look forward to each post they write every single day. I wouldn't even give myself more than a two! I love the new header, too. Very nice.

Greg said...

Yeah, hell, two is great! Back when I was starting they gave me a one, and looking over the rest of their reviews, I figured that one smack was a compliment!