Ventura 1st....in Fashion

Posted by Brandon |

I realize that lately you've seen a whole lot of me. Whether it's on my new header or I'm giving you a big ole hug, Brandon has been front and center lately. If you are sick of seeing me...tough. I'm so proud of my new basketball jersey, I just have to show off a little bit more.

The Mormon basketball league started tonight and despite the fact that we lost by 20 and I only had eight points, I still had fun because of how damn good we looked. These have to be the most badass jerseys in LDS history. And it's not just the jersey top, no it's also matching shorts complete with number on the leg.

As far as I'm concerned, we could lose every single game this season and still be winners. We are Ventura 1st...all style, no substance!

By the way, in case you were wondering, I am not Mormon, just good friends with them.


Jesse said...

Speaking of basketball, I'm going to both the UW at Cal and Gonzaga at Santa Clara games tomorrow. Hopefully both do better than your team...

Replicant said...

like the new mao inspired header.