A Down With Pants! Decree

Posted by Brandon |

Attention Citizens of the People's Republic of Down With Pants! Your President-For-Life, Father of Shorts and King of Culottes, Momar Khadoofy has issued the following decree...

All copies of the album How To Save a Life by The Fray must be destroyed by sundown on Monday. In addition, all digital files of the song "How To Save a Life" must be deleted and your recycle bin emptied, all radio stations are hereby banned from ever playing that song again and all copies of the video must be burned. The Fray have been put on the government's watch list and will subsequently be detained for deprogramming if they ever attempt to set foot into the PRDWP!

As a nation, we must cleanse ourselves of that song so that our whore neighbors will never be able to play it ten times in a row at floor rattling decibels ever again. Citizens, there is but only one way to save a life: destroy "How To Save a Life", turn in anybody who still is in possession of the song and wipe it from your memory immediately. You must do your duty for we are all together in keeping our homeland free of rank bitches.

That is all.


Dave2 said...

But what if I need to save a life? What will I do?

Jesse said...

Is there an official PRDWP! censorship committee? If so, how does one apply to serve on it?

Hilly said...

Where did I go wrong; I lost a friend...


Love the new banner, btw!