Posted by Brandon |

As we speak, Death? is on her way to Redmond to hopefully pick up a pair of tickets that we saw listed on Craigslist for tonight's Weezer concert at the Moore Theater.

I messed up big time a month ago when these tickets went on sale. The presale started at 10:00 AM on a Friday and I was psyched and ready to get on the computer right at 10:00 but then I got to doing something at work and totally spaced out until 11:30. When I went to purchase tickets they were long gone. I've been bummed out ever since.

Hopefully these tickets pan out. I saw them this morning and I was a bit skeptical because they were listed as tickets for the fourth row of the balcony. However, the entire show is general admission - so what's the deal with these tickets? We will find out soon enough...