Throw Rag

Posted by Brandon |


This morning on 107.7 The End they had one of their nighttime jocks come on and review the Queens of the Stone Age show that happened last night here in Seattle. One of my favorite bands, Throw Rag, opened for the Queens filling in for the Eagles of Death Metal who dropped out a few weeks ago. When describing Throw Rag all this jock could muster was "the opening band was Throw Rag...they were...uhhh".

Look at the picture above - how could you possibly only muster "uhhh" when describing this band? I guess to the senses of most Seattle rock fans they may be a little bit much. You know, they actually look like they are enjoying themselves on stage. They don't just brood and stare at their shoes while playing and they rock without any pretense. Basically, what I'm saying is, they are no Queens of the Stone Age, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, The Bravery or whatever schlock, throwback, style-centric band that currently passes for rock in this town and that's exactly what I love about them.

The only thing I can think of is that Queens of the Stone Age told them to tone it down a bit after being blown off the stage at their own show. Throw Rag has a tendency to do that to headliners.