I'm a Lifesava

Posted by Brandon |

You better watch your step or else you will force me to use First Aid on your dumb ass - and you really don't want that! Today at work I took a First Aid class and now I'm a certified First Aid provider. Before today I would have thought that nothing should scare you (or me) anymore than that.

A couple of weeks ago, Death? cooked a whole chicken and asked me to carve it. So I started cutting into it and pulling things apart and suddenly I started getting really queesy. I had to walk away and gather myself and have Death? finish up cutting it. That dead and cooked chicken's bones and juice grossed me out so I started thinking that maybe treating a living human with juice flowing all over might not be my forte.

That's why I needed that First Aid class today. Now that I actually have some kind of training and know what to expect, it might not gross me out. I'm not squeamish around human blood at all and even though I'll say "ewwwww" if we are watching TV and a surgery or something like that comes on, I usually don't mean it (except plastic surgeries, those are disgusting). A little bit of knowledge goes a long way toward changing your mind on certain subjects and now I feel that if I had to snap some human bones and deal with some human juice, I certainly could.

If only they had a class I could take about not being a pussy about cutting up a chicken, I really would be set.