What a Weekend!

Posted by Brandon |

Death? and myself just got back from a two day trip over to the eastside of this state for a ballgame and a quick road trip vacation. Saturday we saw our Washington Huskies soundly trounce the overmatched Washington State Cougars 68-55 in front of a large but quiet Cougar crowd and a small but extremely loud group of Husky students and fans.

We also toured around wine region today tasting some great wines and seeing a bunch of cool things along the way. We had a great time and were reminded of how amazingly interesting and diverse the State of Washington is.

This week's posts will probably be devoted to all the really neat stuff we saw along the way but right now I'm tired and would like to go to bed. Tomorrow I will be busy celebrating President's Day by making some dead presidents at work. Mr. President, thank you for all the great things that did, now get into my wallet!