Super Bowl Live Blog

Posted by Brandon |

This game was so boring at halftime that I decided to grab the computer, do a little bit of surfing and live blog the rest of the game.

7:32 - Can we please get to the Simpsons? I'm ready to close the book on this Super Bowl and watch some cartoons. The Simpsons and American Dad are coming up. American Dad looks really funny. I've only recently discovered the genius of the Family Guy.

7:26 - Deion Branch was named Super Bowl MVP with a record tying 11 catches and 130+ yards. I think that ESPN may have announced him being MVP before even Fox had an opporunity to. I hope that's the case because I'd love to see somebody one up Fox tonight. They sure are terrible.

7:19 - Again, God I hate American Idol

7:15 - McNabb intercepted with nine seconds left. Patriots win the Super Bowl again. Another great game. The Eagles offense late in the game took way too long to make the plays and left themselves without an opportunity to win this game. Very interesting that this is another three point victory for the Patriots. I'm glad to see them win but before I call them a dynasty I would have liked to see them totally dominate a Super Bowl. Anyway, congratulations New England! Please don't burn down the city.

7:13 - 46 seconds, 95 yards to go

7:11 - Eagles are going to get the ball back with a little less that a minute to go. Do the McNabb and the Eagles have anything left in the tank?

7:o3 - 1:48 left in 4th quarter. McNabb to Lewis for a 3o yard touchdown! That was clutch. Akers gets the extra point. This could be a great ending. New England 24 - Philly 21

7:o2 - Off the subject - Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is really, really good. Am I a man? Did I just say that?

6:59 - Tedy Bruschi's kids are about as cute as it gets. Am I a man? Did I just say that?

6:57 - The people's champ Freddie Mitchell finally gets his first catch. Where have you been? The Eagles are taking way too much time. Hurry up! You are down by ten! You need two scores!

6:53 - Death? has woke up finally. She sure does hate the "idiot arrow". That big arrow they put on the field that says it's 3rd down and 5 and shows exactly where they need to go. I pretty much hate it too.

6:45 - McNabb is intercepted. It looked like it was going to be a great drive for the Eagles but that was an awful pass. Are the Eagles done now? Will the Patriots put this game away?

6:41 - 8:40 left in the 4th quater - Adam Vinatieri kicks a field goal. A good drive for the Patriots but the Eagles made the plays when they had to and stopped if from being worse. Let's see if they can get a good offensive drive together. New England 24 - Philly 14.

6:34 - Best commercial so far. The Emerald Nuts commercial with the unicorn, Santa and the Easter Bunny. I love the Emerald Nuts commercials in general. I haven't seen many lately though.

6:32 - God I hate American Idol.

6:30 - An easy defensive stop by the Patriots. If the Pats can score now it might be enough to finish off this game.

6:24 - 13:44 left inthe 4th quater. Corey Dillon runs it right up the gut into the endzone. Touchdown Patriots! Vinatieri with the extra point. Very impressive drive where the Patriots just ran right at the Eagles and dared them to stop them. If the Patriots can stop McNabb in the next possesion that might turn the tide enough for them to totally take control. New England 21 - Philly 14

6:14 - How did that ball get to Westbrook? Damn what a throw! McNabb was falling backwards and zipped that thing in there hard. Great play. This game is really getting good.

6:11 - 3:35 left in the 3rd quarter. McNabb to Westbrook. Touchdown Eagles! That was one hell of a pass and catch. Akers kicks the extra point. New England 14 - Philly 14

6:04 - Finally we see some cheerleaders. It's about time.

5:59 - What's this guy's problem? Working with chimps might be better than working with most humans.

5:55 - Donovan McNabb continues to just throw up jump balls. So far it hasn't hurt him too much but the Pats are going to catch on sooner or later and intercept every one of them.

5:51 - Joe Buck just said "this has been a Super Bowl hookup" and then they showed video of Tom Brady and Vrabel nearly kissing on the sidelines. Poor choice of words Joe. On the other hand I was probably the only one to notice. Where is my mind?

5:48 - 11:04 left in 3rd quarter - Mike Vrabel with a touchdown for the Patriots! His second Super Bowl touchdown. Awesome catch for a linebacker. Vinatieri kicks the extra point. New England 14 - Philly 7

5:44 - Death? has fallen asleep again. She slept through almost the entire first half.

5:38 - This is at least the third time they have shown this stupid frozen Mustang commercial. These have got to be the worst Super Bowl commercials yet. I can't even really remember any of them. There was only one so far that I really enjoyed and I can't even think of what company it was for or what happened. It will probably be on a little later.

5:31 PM - It's halftime and Paul McCartney is belting out some Beatles tunes and thoroughly rocking the fake fans in front of the stage. All in all, the best halftime musically in years. I think I might have shot myself if I had to see Britney, Justin, Pink or Aerosmith. I was surprised to see they didn't bring on Christina to sing a verse of "Hey Jude" with Paul or maybe have DMX break it down in the middle of "Live and Let Die". So nice work Paul, I enjoyed it. Although I really wanted to see a boobie. Damn!